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     According to the website of the US Embassy Manila there is only 1 American and 35 Locals that work in the Social Security Department. This Social Security Office is no different than an office of the Philippine government. The corruption factor in the Social Security Office as well as the rest of the Embassy, has got to be worse than Philippine government itself. Any dishonest scam artist has got to realize that if he is caught the US Government can not prosecute him, and some prosecutor in the Philippines might want to shake the scam artist's hand and vote for him in the next election.

     Many Americans would not want to have President Aquino and his campaigned staff to handle their Social Security issues. Are the employees at Social Security any better? These employees sure do make a lot of mistakes, could a group of trike drivers do a better job? A jeepney driver told me that an investigator of Social Security Manila could be come a peso millionaire in no time at all.

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us embassy manila

                    Philippine passport scams
     There are millions of fraudulent but valid passports. This is because millions of Philippine citizens work as overseas workers, and countries such as Japan, Korea and some countries in the Middle East only allow overseas workers to work 1 or 2 years in their countries. So many of these workers use the birth certificate of another person and they may pay this person $25 or $50, and apply for another passport with this birth certificate. In the Philippines most adults do not have a driver license with photo, so how can the Philippine government know who the person really is. Many Filipinos have several passports because anyone can apply for a Philippine passport. I have talked with travel agents who often times process a passport application, and they are certain that a foreigner could obtain a Philippine passport all they need is money, photos and a birth certificate. In the Philippines even a blind man can obtain a driver license by going to a fixer, according to a TV News report on Channel 7.

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Illegal immigrants from the Philippines do not cross the Mexican border at night. They can scam a visa from the US Embassy Manila.
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     The corruption involves employees in this Social Security Office receiving rice cookers for pressuring Social Security applicants to open Bank Accounts at the Bank of the Philippine Islands. In the case of my wife and I, they violated their own rules and regulations trying and sell a BPI Bank Account. This amounts to extortion of the Filipinos who receive Social Security Funds, who are not aware that the culture of corruptions of the Philippines, should not apply at the US Embassy. I am an American and I know that the US Embassy Manila is just a much a part of America as Bunker Hill. The employees engage in this dirty work over the telephone, and will violate Social Security rules if necessary, to get credit for another rice cooker.

     If you are going to have corruption at the US Embassy Social Security, at least you could be up front about it, and not be jerking people around. Tell the applicant that if they want to go by the US Laws, they must donate a rice cooker at the start of the application.

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